(Excerpt from “Ring ShuiTM More about Move Your Rings, CHANGE Your LifeTM Revised and Expanded Edition“) 

Chapter 9 

Apollo and the Confident Energy Of Your Ring Fingers.

In Ring Shui, the right ring finger is described as “Sincerely Hopeful” and tells the world you are willing to wait for your dreams and not just date anybody who comes along. Wearing your ring here shows you are now ready to do what it takes to fulfill your heart’s desire. When you wear a ring here, you believe in love for yourself and others and know you are lovable and are meant to be beloved.

As you read about Apollo’s energy below, you will see he has no doubt about being lovable, and when you wear a ring on this finger, it signifies that you feel the same way! Apollo amplifies your intention of loving and being loved. He also amplifies your knowing your worth.

In Ring Shui, the left ring finger is described as “Joy”—wearing a ring on this finger demonstrates cherished love with the intention of long-term and lifelong commitment. It is best if it is given to you by your most beloved and is a reminder that you will be and do what preserves the health and promise of your most important love commitment, while also preserving and continually regenerating the love you have for yourself.

And, as mentioned earlier in this book, if you choose to wear a ring on your left ring/Apollo finger that is not considered a ring pertaining to commitment and/or marriage, just recognize that you are choosing the gift of self- love and you’ll decide how close you want to get with another person in terms of intimacy.

These fingers certainly are about love and stability. Apollo clearly knows he is cherished and lovable ongoingly—and so do you!

Here are a few insights about the Greek Sun god, Apollo: he was one of the most important of the Greek Olympian gods. He is still with us today, at least in spirit, and is considered the ideal of manly beauty. This beauty relates to that of mankind (and womankind). Apollo thinks a lot of himself, and so should you. He is a reminder to truly embrace your positive sense of self and high self-esteem, no matter who might put you down or refuse to see you for the wonderful person you really are.
This is not meant in a superficial way. Truly knowing inside that you are the ideal of beauty from the heart, and are always valued and loved, even if it feels like you are the only one who might actually love you in the room at a given time, is something Apollo would hold certain for you.

Apollo was known as quite the healer and has even been reputed to have the ability to bring the dead back to life. If the love you have with someone, or the belief in your heart about the concept of love in general needs support in keeping the wonderful ongoing fires of love burning, wearing a ring on your right ring finger can help keep alive that heartfelt connection. In fact, it can help that love or belief in love grow deeper and stronger more every day!

When things appear to be going badly, wearing a ring on your right ring finger holds the space for love to shine through.

Special tip: When you go to acquire a ring for yourself for the “Ring Shui” approach, especially for the right Apollo finger, do not bring someone you love as an intimate with you. This is especially so if this person is NOT inclined at least as of right now to buy the ring for you, (if you catch my drift). The act of purchasing a ring for the Ring Shui approach is between you, yourself, and perhaps a supportive friend who wants to come along. Enjoy! Then see what happens down the road.

Real special tip: With regard for the aspect of engagement rings, it is the intention and the warmth of giving and receiving on the parts of both parties that counts! Even the circumstances around this important moment will have an impact on the way the marriage will go. For example, if the groom feels the bride is pushing him to get her an engagement ring and he really isn’t “ready”, this can affect how other scenarios in the wedding, marriage, or relationship could play out.

Allow me to now suggest some gems and metals that you might consider wearing on your Apollo fingers. My motto however, is always “Whatever lights you up will ring most true for you, no matter what the gem, metal, or stone happens to be.”

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