About the Author

Barbara has spent her life, both professionally and personally, working to have balance in her life between work, play, love and being the “individual she really is”. At the age of 58, she is starting to catch on that it’s all important, and to not take it all quite so seriously all the time. (Easier said than done.)
Ring ShuiTM”- “Move your Rings-Change Your Life” is her third and most fun book.

She also wrote, “What to Do When Life is Driving You Crazy!” and “How To Escape The No-Win Trap!”. While “Ring Shui” involves rings, hands and energy, it is really about finding the balance between loving yourself and loving others- all at the same time as much a possible!

After conducting over 475 workshops, guesting on over 300 radio, T.V, and internet shows, and having had her own internet/radio shows, she has finally come to appreciate how the everyday and seemingly “ordinary” moments in your life are where the love gets to find you and how nothing seems to really feel like “home” without having love. (And don’t we need it all!)

Barbara has been in private practice in Rancho Cucamonga as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 1992, specializing in midlife crises; is married to her wonderful and patient husband George; and has a daughter, Brittany, who lives in Oakland. And, some days just seem to make more sense than others!

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