Learn About The Ring Shui Approach


What is Ring Shui?

Ring Shui is a practice that operates similarly to Feng Shui.  Not too long ago, Feng Shui was little known in the U.S.  But now this practice of arranging your environment so that energy or “chi” flows gently and smoothly through your home or office is widely used by architects and Fortune 500 companies – and is considered a standard in interior design.

Ring Shui focuses the energy within your hands and fingers to support your intentions and goals.  Through the conscious placement of your rings on specific fingers, your energy flows gently and smoothly in harmony with those around you and those you have in mind.  In other words, your hands connect with your own vibrations and the vibrations, intentions and circumstances of other, and rings can help focus these vibrations – event if you’re not conscious of this process.

How Ring Shui can help:

  • Use the laws of attraction for more clients, prosperity, and better relationships
  • Let go of old hurts and disappointments and move on to better circumstances
  • Get “unstuck” in any area of your life
  • Achieve more balance and joy
  • Use Ring Shui to support stress management

and more!

Get Started Today

Attend an event.  Barbara Berg is a frequent speaker in Southern California at networking and other public events.  Check the events page for upcoming speaking engagement. Event attendees are eligible to receive a free 15 minute consultation with Barbara.

Download this free Ring Shui ring placement chart.  It contains some of the Ring Shui basics to get you started today.

Contact Barbara for a private Ring Shui consultation.

Get Barbara’s book, Ring Shui–More About Move Your Rings, Change Your LifeTM, with more valuable insights, including:

  • Learn how wearing your rings can attract changes to your life, relationships and your career
  • Get insights into others through where they place their rings
  • Find out how certain gems, crystals, and stones are part of the Ring Shui approach
  • Men…there’s an extra special section for you too!

Read what people are saying about Ring Shui:

“This is a TRUE STORY. When I first met Barbara, I was single dating looking for love. I had just met someone I was interested in and Barbara suggested wearing a ring to attract her in. Alas it did not work out with her. I kept wearing my ring and within 83 days I met my soul mate, the love of my life my true love…. Now I am in a delicious relationship and I thank Barbara for advice, and I wear my ring every day. Thanks Barbara”

Jonathon Aslay
Dating and Relationship Coach for Women

To get your copy of Ring Shui – More About Move Your Rings, Change Your Life, click below

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