Learn About The Ring Shui Approach


Your hands connect with your own vibrations and the vibrations, intentions, and circumstances of others.

They greatly influence what you attract and what you push away, even if you are not consciously aware of what is taking place!

A number of us are already aware of the age-old powerful aspects of our hands, and many more of us are learning how to develop a “knowing” about this now.

It appears that our “knowingness” of many things is becoming more apparent as we evolve both individually and as a whole.

It is amazing when the observation of people’s behavior comes together with what is already known about the energy of the fingers that has been known for thousands of years.

The book “Ring ShuiTM More About Move Your Rings, Change Your LifeTM, teaches how wearing your rings can attract changes to your life.  

  • Discover how your rings work with the energy of the gods (Apollo, Jupiter, Venus and more…)
  • Find out how certain gems, crystals, and stones are part of the Ring Shui approach
  • Men…there’s an extra special section for you too!

Here is one example:

“This is a TRUE STORY. When I first met Barbara, I was single dating looking for love. I had just met someone I was interested in and Barbara suggested wearing a ring to attract her in. Alas it did not work out with her. I kept wearing my ring and within 83 days I met my soul mate, the love of my life my true love…. Now I am in a delicious relationship and I thank Barbara for advice, and I wear my ring every day. Thanks Barbara”

Jonathon Aslay
Dating and Relationship Coach for Women

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